Bowman, Sir William


Brit. anatomist, physiologist, and ophthalmologist, 1816-1892.

Bowman capsule

Part of the renal corpuscle. It consists of a visceral layer of podocytes closely applied to the glomerulus and an outer parietal layer.
SYN: SEE: glomerular capsule
SEE: kidney for illus

Bowman gland

Any of the olfactory glands, or branched tubuloalveolar glands located in the lamina propria of the olfactory membrane. Mucus from these glands keeps the olfactory surface moist.

Bowman lamina

SEE: Bowman membrane.

Bowman membrane

The thin homogeneous membrane separating the corneal epithelium from the corneal substance.
SYN: SEE: anterior elastic lamina; SEE: Bowman lamina

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