O Pint
lb Pound
Recipe (L. take)
M Misce (L. mix)
aa Of each
A, Å, AU angström unit
C-1, C-2, etc. Complement
c, c cum (L. with)
Δ Change; heat
E0 Electroaffinity
F1 First filial generation
F2 Second filial generation
Millimicron, nanometer
μg Microgram
mEq Milliequivalent
mg Milligram
mg% Milligrams percent; milligrams per 100 ml
n Subscripted n indicates the number of the molecules can vary from two to greater
Qo 2 Oxygen consumption
m- Meta-
o- Ortho-
p- Para-
p After
Po 2 Partial pressure of oxygen
Pco 2 Partial pressure of carbon dioxide
s Without
ss, ss [L. semis]. One half
μm Micrometer
μ Micron (former term for micrometer)
μμ Micromicron
+ Plus; excess; acid reaction; positive
Minus; deficiency; alkaline reaction; negative
± Plus or minus; either positive or negative; indefinite
# Number; following a number, pounds
÷ Divided by
× Multiplied by; magnification
/ Divided by
= Equals
Approximately equal
> Greater than; from which is derived
< Less than; derived from
Not less than
Not greater than
Equal to or less than
Equal to or greater than
Not equal to
Root; square root; radical
2 Square root
3 Cube root
Ratio; “is to”
∶∶ Equality between ratios, “as”
° Degree
% Percent
π 3.1416 (ratio of circumference of a circle to its diameter)
□, ♂ Male
○, ♀ Female
Denotes a reversible reaction


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