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(ten′dŏn )

[L. tendo, tendon]
Fibrous connective tissue serving for the attachment of muscles to bones and other parts.
SYN: SEE: sinew; SEE: tendo

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Achilles tendon

SEE: Achilles tendon

annular tendon

SEE: Annulus of Zinn.

calcaneal tendon

SEE: Achilles tendon.

central tendon

central tendon of diaphragm The central portion of the diaphragm, consisting of a flat aponeurosis into which the muscle fibers of the diaphragm are inserted.

conjoined tendon

A single tendon that is connected to the ends of two different muscles.
SYN: SEE: conjoint tendon

conjoint tendon

SEE: Conjoined tendon.

hamstring tendon

SEE: Hamstring (1).

heel tendon

SEE: Achilles tendon.

tendon of Todaro

A bundle of collagen fibers of variable thickness that connects the wall of the right atrium and the valve of the inferior vena cava.

tendon of Zinn

SEE: Zinn, Johann

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