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[Gr. skeletos, dried-up (body)]
The bony framework of the body consisting of 206 bones: 80 axial or trunk and 126 of the limbs (appendicular). This number does not include teeth or sesamoid bones other than the patella.

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SKELETON anterior view of the axial (bone colored) and appendicular (blue colored) skeleton; SEE TABLE: Bones of the Human Skeleton
Bones of the Human Skeleton
Axial (80 bones)Appendicular (126 bones)
HeadTrunkUpper ExtremitiesLower Extremities
(29 bones)(51 bones)(64 bones)(62 bones)
Cranial (8)   Frontal—1   Parietal—2   Occipital—1   Temporal—2   Sphenoid—1   Ethmoid—1 Facial (14)   Maxilla—2   Mandible—1   Zygoma—2   Lacrimal—2   Nasal—2   Turbinate—2   Vomer—1   Palatine—2 Hyoid (1) Auditory ossicles (6)   Malleus—2   Incus—2   Stapes—2Vertebrae (26)   Cervical—7   Thoracic—12   Lumbar—5   Sacrum—1   Coccyx—1 Ribs (24)   True rib—14   False rib—6   Floating rib—4 Sternum (1)Arms and shoulders (10)   Clavicle—2   Scapula—2   Humerus—2   Radius—2   Ulna—2 Wrists (16)   Scaphoid—2   Lunate—2   Triquetrum—2   Pisiform—2   Trapezium—2   Trapezoid—2   Capitate—2   Hamate—2 Hands (38)   Metacarpal 10  Phalanx (finger bones)—28Legs and hips (10)   Innominate or hip bone (fusion of the ilium, ischium, and pubis)—2   Femur—2   Tibia—2   Fibula—2   Patella (kneecap)—2 Ankles (14)   Talus—2   Calcaneus (heel bone)—2   Navicular—2   Cuboid—2   Cuneiform, internal—2   Cuneiform, middle—2   Cuneiform, external—2 Feet (38)   Metatarsal—10   Phalanx (toe bones)—28

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