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[¹an- + Gr.stigma, point, + -ism]
ABBR: As A form of ametropia in which the refraction of a ray of light is spread over a diffuse area rather than sharply focused on the retina. It is due to differences in the curvature in various meridians of the cornea and lens of the eye. The exact cause is unknown. Some types show a familial pattern.
astigmatic (as″tig-mat′ik), adj.
SYN: astigmia
Astigmatism in which the eye has greater refractive power in the horizontal than in the vertical meridian. Astigmatism in which both horizontal and vertical curvatures are involved. Astigmatism resulting from inequalities in the refractive indices of different parts of the lens. Astigmatism in which one meridian is myopic and the other hyperopic. Astigmatism along one meridian only. Astigmatism in which the eye has more refractive power in the vertical meridian than in the horizontal meridian. RSS FEED

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