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1. A lessening of tension or activity in a part.
2. A phase or period in a single muscle twitch following contraction in which tension decreases, fibers lengthen, and the muscle returns to a resting position.
3. In magnetic resonance imaging, the return of an excited atom to alignment with the applied magnetic field.
Relaxation of the entire body. Relaxation limited to a particular muscle group or to a certain part. Diminished support of the pelvic tissues and organs, esp. in women; usually due to childbirth or aging. The organs affected and the pathological conditions associated with this condition are the bladder (cystocele), rectum (rectocele), uterus (uterine prolapse), small intestine (enterocele), and urethra (protrusion of the urethra into the vagina). Symptoms are related to the organ(s) affected. Treatment is determined by the severity of the relaxation. Medical treatments, including pelvic muscle exercises, pessaries, prompted voiding regimens, and estrogen therapy, may be helpful to patients; however, many patients require surgery.RSS FEED

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